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A Devotional From DFW FCA's Board Chairman

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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A Devotional From DFW FCA's Board Chairman

Comfort is Not Our Friend
(2 Corinthians 1:3-7)

By Jim Sundberg

Last year I was in a spiritual season dealing with some uncomfortable realities about my heart, which in turn, added benefits from my time of pursuing God. The previous two years spent pursuing Gods presence was a little edgy. When I now look back, those twenty-four months were spent preparing me for the next step into the really uncomfortable. To hear the words “you have cancer” are at first frightening words. Meeting with doctors over the next six weeks would not give way to being comforted. But I stand today to say I’m thankful for how my heart has been transformed by the journey. I’m in a better place emotionally and spiritually because of the journey into the uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want it any different.

Comfort in our surroundings is not our friend! Comfort in our work, where we live and our general good circumstances are all permissible and desirable but they will deceive us if we are not on alert. The luxuries of our surroundings can give us a false sense of well being leading to religious activity with no spiritual growth. Religious activity keeps us locked into the false sense of performance brought on by a sense of accomplishment. You have heard the statement, “trees don’t grow on the tops of mountains but in the valleys.”

Growth is often associated with the invitation into the uncomfortable, stretching us toward something new, bringing a little insecurity on the road to freedom. Scott Prickett writes in his book, Transforming the Prodigal Soul, “the safety of stagnation preserves comfort at the cost of the soul. We’re designed for agreement and cooperation in the advance; staying behind destroys that part of us created for passion, contact, overwatch, advance and purpose.” It’s staying on the front line with the Holy Spirit, life’s navigator, where life is lived to the fullest. This can be uncomfortable!

Being comforted by the Comforter as we live on the spiritual edge of KNOWING HIM is our real friend! Our goal is to know Him deeper, and wherever that may take us is the better option.

It is a great gift and a journey in freedom to no longer fear moving into the uncomfortable. Jesus gave me the courage to enter the uncomfortable with Him to find comfort by His words, “I got this, Jim!” If God “has it”, there is no reason to fear moving into the uncomfortable of the unknown. And this better way gives way to the world’s offer of comfort.