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Ron Case Recognized For 50 Years Serving FCA!

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Ron Case Recognized For 50 Years Serving FCA!

As you probably are aware by now, DFW FCA is celebrating our 50th year in existence and I’ve sought out as much history on FCA in Dallas/Ft. Worth as possible.

During the 39th Annual Tom Landry Open, we were able to recognize a man who has been a volunteer for DFW FCA for 50 years. Ron Case was one of the original business men who walked along coach Tom Landry in launching this ministry here in the metroplex. He helped launch the Tom Landry Open 39 years ago and served on the board for many years. He still volunteers and raises money for FCA to this day.

Ron Case receives 50th Anniversary Helmet signed by FCA staff in honor of his 50 year service to the ministry.

Recently Ron shared part of his journey with me and I have included it below for you to read:

“It just sorta blows me away when I think it was 39 years ago when I called Dennis Conner and said, 'Dennis, we are going to hold a golf tournament and we are going to do it in about 5 weeks!' We did and we raised something like $5,000, which then was a whole lot more than it is now and boy, did we need it. Trying to exist and grow on $10 memberships and occasional donations was tough! I didn't even call Coach Landry. I just thought he would be too busy to get involved, but Dennis told him and he was right there with us trying to find folks to play and/or donate.

I also remember when we first founded the Dallas FCA office (Darrell Lafitte, Herschel Forester, Bill Forester, Jim Evans, Tiny Goss). We met in Darrell's home and, as we were about to wrap up what we needed to do, Darrell asked Herschel to be our first chairman. Herschel said "Ok, if you (Darrell) do all the work!" Ha. So long ago. Wow!

I get a lot of joy about what has happened from that first meeting, hiring Bill Krisher as our first director, that first FCA Weekend of Champions - Feb 8-9, 1968 - held in SMU’s Moody Coliseum. Bart Starr and several active NFL players along with Paul Anderson, Gold medalist in the Olympics spoke. (It was the largest collection of athletes ever to assemble for a non-competitive event, reaching over 12,000 people.) I still remember Bart Starr closing his comments with Stephen Grellet's now famous comment:

"I shall pass through this world but once, therefore, any good that I can do, or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again!"

Thank you and the staff for keeping the Christian flame burning brightly.” Ron Case

Next April 17th, we celebrate 40 years of the Tom Landry Open and a low estimate shows that the golf tournament has raised $10 million dollars over those years for FCA here in DFW.

The 48th annual Weekend of Champions concluded in February with over 345 young athletes making a commitment or re-commitment to walk with Christ. I would not want to make a guess at how many lives have been influenced and spiritually changed in 50 years.

Our 6th Annual Sports Leadership Camp is coming up in June and we continue to train up student athletes in character and spiritual development as well as helping improve their athletic skills. Thank you to all those who walk alongside us as a financial partner or volunteer. We are so grateful for your support of this ministry!

If you are not yet doing that, would you consider getting involved? Check out our volunteer page.

Also, several people have made donations in honor of Ron Case’s 50 years of service. If you would like to do as well, part of that donation will go to help send athletes to our camp this summer. You can use this link to donate online or send a check to the address below.


Rick Bowles
North Texas Multi-Area Director

Greater DFW FCA
2001 W. Plano Pkwy, Ste 3650
Plano, TX 75075