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"I've not seen drugs or alcohol do anything BUT destroy lives and careers.
That is why I'm so thankful for FCA's One Way 2 Play Drug Free program." 

Tony Dungy

Since 2008, over 5,200 student-athletes in the Greater DFW area and over 530,000 nationwide have signed the OW2P commitment to remain drug and alcohol free!

FCA Coach Ressa Interview 12-11-15 from FCA DFW on Vimeo.

FCA Ben Pollard interview 12-4-15 from FCA DFW on Vimeo.

STUDENTS: If you are ready to sign the commitment to Play Drug Free, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

If needed, additional resources can be found through Meier Clinics.

NEED TO TALK? We Listen. 
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What is OW2P?

OW2P, One Way 2 Play, is a systematic program developed to confront the problem of drug use among students by instilling values, encouraging goal-setting and establishing accountability through positive peer pressure. It challenges students to sign a commitment card saying they will be alcohol and drug free.

In a recent survey of 125,000 coaches, over 90 percent of the respondents said the number one challenge they faced in dealing with their athletes is the problem of drug and alcohol use. And the problem is not just limited to athletes. It is a problem in every part of our society.


Are you a parent looking for some answers? Are you a coach or teacher running out of ideas? Are you a student looking for some help?

Students have a 60% greater chance of following through on commitments that they sign and an 85% greater chance of following through on their commitment if they stay accountable to a peer once a week.

Whether you are parent or coach working with Youth Sports Leagues, Elite Sports Clubs or school athletic programs (Athletic Directors, Coaches, Booster Clubs, etc), the Greater DFW FCA Staff can provide presentations, small groups, large rallys, assemblies, including working with professional & former athletes to create an event that will grab the young athlete's attention.


April West - 

"When I came to Berkner High School one of the issues we had was a large portion of our kids were dabbling in drugs an I was searching for something to help our kids avoid peer pressure.  One Way 2 Play was the answer.  We had about 50 student-athletes sign the contract to be drug and alcohol free.  I have not had to deal with a drug or alcohol issue from any of those athletes that made that commitment."  Jim Ledford-Athletic Director

"On Tuesday we had another 97 students-athletes give a written commitment to staying alcohol and drug free.  That brings our total for the semester to 241 Newman-Smith student-athletes.  This represents over half of our athletes and over 12% of our total student body population."  Coach Holliday

NFL Hall of Famer, Tim Brown, is proud to be the DFW FCA volunteer spokesperson for this program, which was developed by FCA to confront the problem of drug use among students-athletes by instilling values, encouraging goal-setting and establishing accountability through positive peer pressure.

Tim’s accomplishments on and off the field of play have earned him a platform to speak on the three critical elements that make this program one of the most effective in America: Faith, Commitment and Accountability.

The Commitment

The 5 Hard Questions:
1. Are you living and playing alcohol and drug free?
2. Are you encouraging others to live and play that way?
3. Are you being honest with at least one mature person about your feelings and temptations?
4. Are your decisions being made by faith?
5. Are your thoughts, words and actions honorable?

Faith to Make Good Decisions
I believe that I can be forgiven, receive wisdom to make good decisions and carry out those decisions.

Commitment to Say No to Alcohol and Other Drugs
I pledge to be strong in my commitment and to help others be strong, too.

Accountability to One Another
I have a friend to whom I can be accountable and who will be accountable to me.