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Huddle Leader Describes Her Weekend of Champions Experience

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Huddle Leader Describes Her Weekend of Champions Experience

WOC 2017 Huddle Leaders 

This year I got the amazing opportunity to serve as a huddle leader at the 2017 Weekend of Champions. Seeing the way God worked in the lives of the middle schoolers and how God used them to impact my life was so awesome. It was truly a Spirit filled weekend. 

On Friday afternoon during the Huddle Leader meeting, we were being spoken to about how God has ordained all of us to be there and has specifically ordained the group of kids we were going to get to serve. And the Lord did just that! 

Saturday night, after a powerful time of worship, my group was talking about certain things they had felt at worship and some of the struggles they were going through in their life. By the time everyone had spoken, almost every girl in the group had talked about how a loved one was in the hospital. 

WOC 2017 Worship

One’s great-uncle was in the ER because of a heart attack, another’s father had just had his pancreas removed but now there were complications and he was in a lot of pain. Another girl’s dad was very sick and her mother’s diabetes were acting up. Others had family members in the hospital because of surgery and sickness. It was incredible to see how God had handpicked that group of girls to be together, all of whom were going through a similar trial. 

God showed us that we are never alone in the struggles that we are going through and that we are meant to carry one another's burdens. My hope is that the girls were encouraged to see that others were going through what they were going through, and they were not alone and could persevere through.

That same night, one of the middle school girls spoke to my co-huddle leader and me about a struggle that she was going through. Recently, a freshman boy she knew committed suicide and she was having a really hard time dealing with the situation. She wasn’t necessarily friends with the boy, but her sister was and the boy had come over to her house before, so she had had interaction with him. The tragedy came as a complete surprise to his friends and family; he was very well-liked among his peers. 

The incredible thing about this situation was that I had gone through the exact same thing. Almost every detail of my experience matched hers. While I was in middle school a freshman girl committed suicide. I had spoken to her before but was not good friends with her, my brother had been friends with her. Her suicide came as a complete surprise and shock to everyone. I remember this being very hard for me. 

WOC Girls Huddle

Because of this, I felt as though I knew exactly how the girl in my huddle felt. I knew what it felt like to be a middle schooler who was heartbroken and at the same time confused as to why and how this could have ever happened. That allowed me to comfort her with the comfort God had given to me during my experience. I was able to pray for her and really understand what she was going through. It was so amazing to see how God placed us together and had given me the opportunity to love her through what she was going through. I am so thankful God gave me that opportunity.

Those two specific situations show how God perfectly ordained my group of girls to be together, it could have never been by coincidence. And I know that it wasn’t just my group He did that with; He purposefully arranged every group. The way God works is so incredible!

On a more personal note, God also worked on my heart while at Weekend of Champions. God revealed to me that I was living in a lot of fear. Not fear of a specific thing, but fear of the unknown and fear of not being able to live up to the amazing plans God has for my life. I knew that God had great plans for my life but I was afraid that I would mess it all up because of decisions I would make. It was burdening me a lot. 

WOC 2017 Speaker - Brandon Freeman

The first night we were talking about the things in our life we need to break down and rise above, and the word “FEAR” popped into my head. Literally a split second after that thought, the speaker said “we are no longer a slave to fear”. The next day in a service, we were reading out of Jeremiah and read about how Jeremiah thought he was too young but God told him “Do not say ‘I am a youth,’ because everywhere I send you, you shall go, And all that I command you, you shall speak.” (Jeremiah 1:7) We also read Jeremiah 1:12 which says “The Lord said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.” 

These verses were extremely encouraging because it showed me that it doesn’t matter how old I am or what I think I’m capable of. It is only by God’s power I will succeed. It is so relieving to know that there is nothing I can “do”. I just have to trust God and follow Him. Jeremiah 1:12 was also very encouraging because God promised to fulfill His word. A very clear question came to me: am I going to trust the lies of the Devil who says I’m not good enough or strong enough to be used by God or am I going to believe the promises God has spoken over my life and the Word of God? I chose to put my faith in the promises of God. His Word is truth, I have absolutely no reason to fear. It was so freeing. The Lord told me He “wasn’t done with me”. 


I am very thankful that God spoke to me through the Weekend of Champions and rid me of the fear I had in my life and replaced it with joy and excitement for my amazing journey with God that is ahead of me.

“’Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6

Junior at Grapevine High School