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Full Circle Impact

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Full Circle Impact


A message from FCA Multi-Area Director, Rick Bowles:

Recently a High school coach and FCA volunteer reached out to me to share the impact of our Sports Leadership Camp on his son who attended our camp last June.

“My son came to your sports leadership camp last summer and it had a tremendous impact on him. Not only did he come back with a fire for Christ but a fire to see our huddle grow. Through his leadership our huddle has gone from a handful at weekly meetings to an ‘impact making group’ that is greatly influencing the process of our school. I also have a group of adults that have committed to make the investment in 8-10 additional young athletes (to attend this summer’s camp).”

I passed this note on to a business friend of mine who was in my youth group when I was a youth minister 30 years ago. This young man grew up in the same community where this coach is volunteering for FCA so I knew my friend would be blessed by the message. My friend then sent me this note:

“This goes much deeper than you realize. I started the original FCA in that town as a huddle because of a youth minister named Rick Bowles encouraging us to make a difference on our campuses. So, this has seeds that have grown from ‘your’ toil and tears.”

Wow! What a humbling thing that was for me to hear. To have one of my youth group members share this, and to know the impact in that FCA huddle group continues after all these years is beyond words.

Which brings me to my point. Be encouraged that the things you do today to influence one person may have more impact than you know, for years and even generations to come. God takes the seeds we sow, however small they may be, and makes them grow in ways we could never imagine.