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Local Coach Shares His FCA Story

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Local Coach Shares His FCA Story

Coach Larry Weseman shares a personal story that spotlights F.C.A.'s influence:

I coached football at Bowman Middle School in Plano for 25 years. I also sponsored F.C.A. there. From 1983 to 1985, Brent B. was one of my football players. He was an excellent athlete and a terrific student. In addition to that, he had a positive attitude and was eager to learn. I was blessed to coach him. 

During his first year there, he got involved with F.C.A. He was completely devoted to F.C.A. and extremely active in it. During his 8th grade year, he was our F.C.A. President. He was a gifted leader, and his teammates respected and followed him fully. He was a strong influence on his peers. Naturally, I loved Brent and we were close. As he progressed through high school, I followed his football career and stayed in touch with him. I continued to stay in touch with him as he went through college.

Fast forward to December, 2016. I bumped in to Brent at a game and talked to him a bit. We decided that we would get together again in the spring to play golf. Brent works at a college and influences young people daily. His wife who is a teacher influences young people daily, too. All three of their children are extremely active in extra-curricular activities in school and at church. Brent and his wife are fully involved in their church.

Does it seem like my story is over? It is not yet. I must explain what Brent revealed to me at the golf course while we were playing and sharing memories from the past. Toward the end of our round, Brent and I were talking about sports and F.C.A., and I mentioned how involved he was in them and what a powerful leader he was. That is when he told me the rest of his story, a piece that I did not know existed and which he had never shared with me before. This is it.

Shortly before Brent started to middle school, his father was arrested, tried, and convicted for some bad business decisions that he had made. He was placed in the state penitentiary for a year or two, and Brent was without his father. He loved his father and looked up to him, but suddenly he was gone. One weekend, Brent attended a revival with some of his friends and accepted the altar call to become a Christian. Not long after that, I gave him an invitation to participate in F.C.A., and he accepted completely. From there forward, he was full-throttle F.C.A., church, and football.

When he went to high school, he was guided by another Christian coach who spearheaded the F.C.A. program there. That coach was a tremendous influence on Brent. Brent kept living a Christian lifestyle and leading his peers. Brent told me that all of us in F.C.A. had a big influence on him. We came along at the right time in his life to guide and mold him and make him into a holy man.

I had no idea that Brent had gone through all of these experiences. God placed us in his path and used us to mentor him. It was God's plan. Needless to say, we were successful, and all of us have been blessed and humbled by our relationship with Brent. We are better people. God's kingdom is better.

Never doubt the influence of F.C.A. It is imperative that we heed the call and serve God wherever we are, whenever he calls. All we have to do is surrender and trust Him.