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Our Goal is to have trained and committed coaches & student leaders in place to lead Huddle Groups at their local school.

HUDDLE - A certified small group bible study/devotion for coaches and athletes.

It is in the Huddle Group on campus where student-athletes can learn to deal with peer pressure, hold each other accountable, be given opportunities to do community outreach projects, commit to staying drug and alcohol free (OneWay2Play-Drug Free!) and know what it is like to serve Christ “even on campus”. Greater DFW staff has recommitted their efforts to providing the best resources available for Huddle Coaches and Student Huddle Leaders to accomplish this goal.

FCA Huddle Overview from FCA on Vimeo.

FCA Student Leader Application Process and Deadlines

1. Each leadership team should consist of 4 – 6 student leaders (50% athletes minimum)

2. Current leadership team can nominate other students to apply, but they must be bought before the adult leaders to be carefully reviewed before asking them

a. Adult leaders can make announcements at FCA meeting about new leadership process but must outline briefly expectations and process

b. Students should be sought out individually and recruited rather than go through a “popularity” vote by FCA students or just asked by another student

3. Student leadership applications made available from March 1 until March 15th – to be filled out and turned back in to Huddle Coach at your school – students CANNOT serve as FCA leaders without this Student Leader Application!

a. Students should realize that just because you turn in a form does not guarantee you a leadership spot

b. Students should be carefully vetted by interviews with youth pastors, teachers, and coaches

4. Huddle Coach and FCA staff to meet and go through the applications from March 16th until April 15th, along with student interviews with Huddle Coach and FCA staff

5. New student leadership team to be selected by April 22nd by FCA staff, Huddle Coach, and the Student Leadership Team; new leaders to shadow current leaders for a four week period

6. New team to be introduced and installed at FCA meeting by mid-May and finish out the year

7. Leaders to go to FCA Leadership Camp during the summer and meet at least three times prior to beginning of school to plan, pray, and prepare for upcoming year

8. Leaders attend FCA Kick-Off and other training events during the year

9. Leaders will go to to create account and complete training


"I have noticed our kid's attitudes toward each other have improved drastically! I think they are really carrying what we do in FCA throughout our hallways and that alone has improved our school culture." Coach Matt Allen

Student Rights on Campus

Partnering with the Alliance Defense Fund, ADF has developed a support network for those students, parents and teachers facing legal challenges on their campuses. FCA has the legal right to meet on high school and college campuses across the country where other student led groups meet as well. 

Student Leader Application 

If you are a student and interested in leading on your campus, complete and submit a SLA form.

Ministry Leader Application (MLA)

If you are an adult and desire to serve in the FCA ministry, complete and submit a MLA form.

FCA Certification

Necessary for all campus or community groups.

Campus Playbook 
Everything you need to know about how to lead an FCA Huddle (Campus_PlayBook.pdf)

DFW FCA Events (2017-2018)

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We utilize Right Now Media for Coaches Leadership Academy online resources.

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Need Ideas for your Huddle Group?

Following are huddle lessons from the archives that may be just the inspiration you need to plan your next huddle meeting.

You can also go to FCA RESOURCES for a ton of great ideas from devotionals to icebreakers, games and more!