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A Personal Note on Coaches Camp

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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A Personal Note on Coaches Camp

Here's an example of how God works through camp ministry. The following is a lovely thank you letter containing reflections on a couple's experience at our recent coaches retreat...

"My husband, "M", and I teach on separate Title I (low socioeconomic) middle school campuses, and we both view our schools as our mission fields. While teaching and coaching can be difficult, working with student athletes who face inexplicable hardships at home introduces a whole new element. As former athletes, "M" and I tend to 'leave it all on the court,' and often come home each night exhausted and set on autopilot until bedtime. We have two small children who are the joy of our lives but are also another major distraction from our marriage. As we finished this last school year and headed into summer, the continuous pattern of nights on autopilot had deeply affected our marriage. After nine years, we were coexisting with small, sporadic moments of joy.

I know that we serve a sovereign God who has divine appointments for us, and I know that our attendance at this retreat was exactly that. We arrived at camp and were almost immediately asked to rate the love in our marriage based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Without conferring, I gave our marriage a 5.5, and Mark gave it a 6. The teacher in me immediately converts these scores to a 100-point scale, and both of these scores are well below average. If we are completely honest, our marriage was failing.

Over the course of the retreat, Neal Jeffrey and the Briskys passionately appealed to our hearts. We had deep, meaningful small group discussions that led to real, encouraging, momentum-building conversations between us as a couple. After four days, we left the retreat completely refreshed and reconnected with a renewed love for one another. It was exactly what our marriage needed. As one of the FCA sponsors on my campus, I have seen countless students receive financial blessings to attend the Weekend of Champions middle school retreat. I have witnessed life transformations because generous donors see value in planting Kingdom seeds. My marriage, and in turn my family and my ministry have all been refocused on Him "who first loved us" because of your willingness to give. " Coach Y.